Fremont County Highpoint Trip Report

Dates: August 23-24, 2003 (?)
Author: Walt O’Neil

I headed toward Bushnell Peak in a rented 4WD Ford Escape. It was tricky finding FR985; there is another FR with a different number located right where you go through a gate before crossing Raspberry Creek that parallels the ridge.

I took FR985 to the parking area and car camped. Two people were coming down the trail whose hobby (or job) was looking for evidence of bears in the area. They said they found none.

I left the next morning at 6:16 and hiked up to the end of the road and got a great view of the headwall and peak. I made my way to where 2 drainages met and arrived there at 9:09 at 11,494 feet. It was a long steep slog, deciding whether to head for the sparse tundra areas, go on loose rocks or hop on boulders. I had to settle for a combination. I arrived at the summit at 11:43 and found a cairn but no register, though there were 2 possibilities where a register could have been.

I descended at 12:03 after admiring the view and got back to the car at 3:19. I then headed down the forest road toward U.S. 285 and the next destination.