Hinsdale County High Point Trip Report

Uncompahgre Peak (14,309 ft)

Date: August 24, 1985
Author: Dave Olson

Lee Fryberger and I set out to ascend two fourteeners, Uncompahgre and Wetterhorn. From Lake City Lee we drove a station wagon, with an ATV trailer, 8.5 miles up the Henson Creek road (Road 20), then 1.5 miles up the North Fork Road (Rd 6/ FR 870) to the Matterhorn Creek trail head. We camped.

The next day we hiked up FT 233 over the pass between Matterhorn and Broken Hill, then east towards FT 228 and Uncompahgre Peak. We took a short cut up a boulder slope and reached the summit trail high. Others may wish to keep on the trail eastwards to gain easier slopes and the summit trail lower.

For the other route, up Nellie Creek, consult "Hiking Colorado's Summits" guidebook.