Jackson County High Point Trip Report

Clark Pk

Date: October 11, 2000
Author: Charlie Winger

Proceeded to the Colorado State Forest access a couple of miles from Gould. Followed County Road 41 past North Michigan Reservoir and on to where a sign indicated a right turn to the Ruby Jewel Lake passenger car parking (1.5 miles) and the 4WD section of the road which starts at the passenger car parking area. I have a 94 Subaru Wagon with 4WD but decided the road beyond the passenger car area was too rough for my vehicle so I parked there.

The walk up to the trail head on the 4WD road took about 45 minutes. From the trail head sign for Ruby Jewel and Kelly Lake, I followed the well defined trail to where the Kelly Lake trail turned left and uphill. I continued on the Ruby Jewel Lake trail up to the Lake. I chose to ascend one of the gullies to the right of the saddle between Clark and its neighbor. The gully went okay but with a larger group of people the saddle route would be safer due to potential rock-fall. I summitted amidst extremely high winds. The register was probably buried by snow which had collected in the rock shelter. This was the only snow on the peak. Round trip time from trail head at the end of the 4WD trail and back was approximately 2 hours. The 4WD drive road was littered with various and sundry bolts, brackets, etc... from 4WD attempts!