Lake County High Point Trip Report

Mt Elbert (14,433 ft)

Date: September 1, 1984
Author: David Olson

I drove up the traditional access road, Half-Moon Creek. Where the Main Range trail crosses the road are two trailheads, for the standard Mt. Elbert and standard Mt Massive trail. That is the end of improved- road quality. The Mt. Elbert trail has a reputation for length and elevation gain. I chose to continue driving up the now-unimproved road to the South Elbert Creek road turn-off. I parked the car and hiked from there.

On the west side of Mt. Elbert I passed a low cliff band at 8:50 am and then climbed up the great west scree slope. I and a party I fell in with made it to the top at 12:10 p.m.