Logan County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 23, 1997
Author: David Olson

This county HP is easiest to get to from Nebraska. From a "major" east-west gravel road head south on a gravel road across the state line and past a well-fenced installation. We think it is a nuclear missile silo. A short distance south of the installation is a fence corner. I turned left, east, and followed the south side of the fence. Along the way there is a dogleg and a gully.

Eventually you will come to a windmill and a cattle water-container 20 feet across that straddles the fence-line, half on this side and half on the other. Somewhere along here I got disoriented and wandered about in the wrong direction for a while. At the wind-mill the fence runs north-south.

To go to the HP of Logan county you will want to go north 0.5 miles, cross the fence - perhaps cross two fences, and hike north along the fence line. Pay close attention to the map and the ground. Personally, when I got to the map's HP I thought that a hill 0.1 miles northeast was higher and visited that too. I found a cairn on top of that hill.