Logan County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: April 16, 2004
Author: Adam Helman

A few notes to add for Logan County. The hike begins fully one-half mile south of the abandoned missile silo. This fact contrasts with the following remark in a previous report, "...A short distance south of the installation is a fence corner." The (NAD27) GPS-derived UTM coordinates of this fence corner are zone 13T (4538696 N, 618393 E). Begin the hike east at this fence corner, again, one-half mile south of the nuclear missile silo.

Upon reaching the first highpoint noted in Dave and John's good book on Colorado county highpoints, I found, in addition to the second highpoint area 200 yards northeast, a third highpoint area some 200 yards southeast. Thereby, after walking to the published highpoint area, I headed due south to this third area - one which appears to be quite "peaked" and, at least to my eye, just as high if not higher than the two published areas.

This third area coincides with spot elevation 4,931 feet on the USGS 24K topographic chart, and has the (NAD27) GPS-derived UTM coordinates of zone 13T (4538931 N, 620607 E).

I have been assured by John M. that painstaking measures were made, via backsighting with hand level and other techniques, to rule out other potential highpoints for Logan County.