Logan County Highpoint Trip Report

"State Line Bluffs" (4,940 ft)

Date: December 18, 2004
Author: Kevin Baker

I secured the necessary permission from the Logan owner. We made good time, passing interesting missile silos along the way and a cow carcass that had been stripped to the bone just north of the trailhead. We found the gate about 1/2 mile beyond the missile silo and decided to see if we could drive the two-track so that we could hook up with CR78 to the east on the way out. We came to a draw at around 1/2 mile, at which point we did not feel comfortable continuing as the road was washed out in many areas.

We parked there and followed the road to the fence on the Weld-Logan county line. We stayed to the right of this fence, paralleling it to a small ridge described in the guidebook. We then found a pile of cairns but saw higher ground to the northeast just south of the state line. I got out my new hand level at this point and looked back at the ridge and a bump to the southeast. I could not tell if they were indeed lower from my limited experience with a hand level, so we decided to head over to the more distinct bump. This bump is about 1/2 mile southeast of the hp, with a spot elevation of 4,931 feet. We took a photo there as well for good measure, then headed back to the cars.