Moffat County High Point Trip Report

Black Mountain

Date: October 11, 1997
Author: David Olson

This was my long-awaited completion trip, difficult to schedule so that others might celebrate with me. The weather report Saturday said that snow would move in on Sunday. We set out early, 7:15 am, to go up to Craig. Going through Hayden we passed a car on the right and got pulled over by the town cop.

From Craig we drove north on CO 13, then northeast on Road 27/F.R. 110. On the way in an unimproved F.R. TBD we found the road blocked by a downed tree, a foot in diameter, which a hunter was trying to drag off the road with his truck. He said that it had fallen only in the previous 40 minutes. The wind had snapped it off thirty feet above the ground!

We hiked cross-country, uncertain what the peak before us was. When we got to the flat top of the mountain we verified that it was Black Mtn. and we scouted for its highest point. Then we celebrated with photos and Tequila.

We followed trail 1185 off the mountain and then bushwhacked back to the vehicle. Trail 1185 goes eastwards three miles to the main gravel road, at 9460 ft. Half an hour after we got back to the trailhead the weather moved in.