Moffat County High Point Trip Report

Date: July 2001
Author: Dave Covill

This was a chapter in our book that the directions somehow didn't quite fit reality; really our only one where something was wrong. The road didn't feel right on the way to the TH, and we arrived 2 miles ahead of the mileage we gave in the book. I couldn't figure it out until we were on top after a pleasant 1.5 hour hike up about 800' in a mile and a half or so. Nice weather, built a good cairn on the spot we felt was highest, didn't see any other cairns close to there.

Looking S from the edge of the summit mesa, I could easily see the remnants of an old road meandering through the forest, including the little spur that brought us close to the mountain. We had previously bushwhacked up from there, perhaps 1/2 mile and 700' up, in an hour or more. Trust me, the new trail is the way to go. I looked out, and there was the new road cutting right across the old road in many spots, as if it were a canal across a meandering stream. We will spot this on the map and get it into a future revised edition.