Park County Highpoint Trip Report

Mount Lincoln (14,286 ft)

Date: August 25, 2005
Author: Rich Wilson

I was a little concerned about the access, having read the web postings. A small sign was posted on the Forest Service information board at the Kite Lake trailhead advising hikers that permission from property owners was needed to proceed, along with a directive to contact a local chamber of commerce in order to obtain the names and permission of the owners. Yeah right. The sign also offered alternative peaks in the area to hike. I find it rather odd that the Forest Service continues to collect a $3 parking fee, for a trailhead that has no legal trail on which to hike.

Anyway, we elected to proceed up Mount Lincoln. The trail takes off and heads up to the first old mining camp. It splits several times but, since all trails lead "up", we eventually arrived at the Democrat/Cameron saddle. From here we followed a climber's path over Cameron and up to the summit of Lincoln.

The weather was beautiful on top but we could see a front fast approaching. By the time we got back to the Democrat/Cameron saddle, a stinging, wind-blown hail was pelting us and we were ushered back down the mountain by the crash of thunder.

It seems the access issue hasn't deterred everybody. There were, perhaps, 20 people hiking in the Democrat/Cameron/Lincoln area the day we were there (week day).

About 5.5 miles round trip with 2,600 feet of gain.