Prowers County Highpoint Trip Report

South Butte of Two Buttes (4,711 ft)

Date: June 25, 2005
Authors: Sue Ann Miller and Frank Price

Twin Buttes is an interesting county HP. The route is just as described by Covill and Mitchler but the gate had been improved and is now substantial enough for a safe climb-over that does not damage the fence. After enjoying the South Butte HP, we strolled over to the north butte and discovered that we shared the lower summit with a porcupine cowering under summit rocks! We've admired wind farms in NY, CA, northern CO, WV south of the Maryland state HP and in Germany but the impression of approximately 120 wind generators in lines on what can only be called a wind ranch was, dare we say, powerful. In gratitude for access to this private land, we removed a few of those amazingly heavy empty cans that some folks can't seem to take with them.