Pueblo County High Point Trip Report

Greenhorn Mountain (12,347 ft)

Date: May 28, 2002
Author: Andy Martin

This peak was a spur-of-the-moment addition, based on a desire to tour the Denver Mint. Having John Mitchler's and Dave Covill's CO cohp book handy made it easier to schedule peaks at the last minute. On holiday Monday we took a long drive in to camp at Blue Lakes, not far from the point where the road is closed. The drive in was on a fine dirt road. Rainy weather down low turned to snow up high, and we got about 1/2 inch at camp, which made for a chilly night. Early in the morning I had Sarah drive me to the trailhead, and made good time to the top.

On the way up I swung south of the top, and climbed easy talus up the southeast. Distant peaks Culebra and Pikes were visible, some also snow dusted. Rock walls and a register are at the top.

Descending I got cute and tried a shortcut down from the ~12,100 foot saddle that is 1/2 mile northwest of the top. This shortcut was infested with steep and loose talus, and it was nice to get back to the road. From there good time was made back to camp.

GPS reading: Etrex WGS84, average sky - (37° 52.887' N, 105° 0.802' W) at 12,363 ft