Teller County High Point Trip Report

Devil's Playground

Date: May 13, 2000
Author: Gary Swing

My destination was Devils Playground, the 13,060' highpoint of Teller County, but it is also along a route to Pikes Peak. I started at the Crags Campground trailhead (10,100') southeast of Divide and northwest of Pikes Peak. The route was mostly covered with a thin, patchy layer of snow. It was hard-packed and crusty on the way up, but softening on the way down. I used my crampons and ice axe for the ascent from about 11,500' to 13,000', but did not use them on the way down. It was bitterly cold due to the wind above tree line. The Pikes Peak toll road is now open to the summit. It was strange seeing cars drive by after climbing up the slopes on my crampons! The snow is melting rapidly. I would expect it to be mostly gone by the end of the month. If you take this route on Pikes Peak, be careful to make sure that you get on the right trail, crossing the creek just 300 yards from the trailhead.