Fairfield County Highpoint Trip Report

On NY state line 1 mile south of Branch Hill (1,290+ ft)

Date: May 29, 2000
Author: Dan Case

Directions from NY side (western approach)

Take NY 22 to junction with NY 311 about 4 miles south of Pawling. Notice South Quaker Hill Road across from Mobil station just north of intersection. Take it.

It wends its way east for a few miles through beautiful farmland and pricey real estate, then abruptly bears left and becomes Dutchess County 66. Continue north on this through similarly Turneresque scenery to Mizzen Top Road, also Dutchess 67, at intersection with striking Akin Hall on right. Turn right (sign points to Sherman, CT).

This continues and climbs up steeply enough to require downshifting for about a mile or so to the ridge top. Just past is state line, identified by sign noting end of Route 67, change of pavement and concrete 1909 marker on north side of road.

Road to north just on NY side of line is posted, but has no gate and is your best bet (this is the one shown on the topo). In a quarter-mile, it changes to dirt then back to pavement. I parked at fork (not shown on map), and bushwhacked (if that's really the right word ... I never lost sight of my car) into the woods a few hundred feet further along the state line, discernible at this point by very old surveyor's tape on trees, posted trees in CT and old, mostly collapsed, stone wall. The highest point along latter I claimed as the highpoint, duly straddling it to make sure I got the HP.

Note: The undergrowth is minimal but this is still a heavy tick region, so take precautions and check yourself.

Total trip (from car): 300 feet.

Vertical: minimal. If walking from main road, that would be about 1,000 feet in distance and 70 vertical feet.