Fairfield County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 2000
Author: Ken Jones

A minor note - in Dan Case's report he does not mention that Dutchess County 66 is also Mizzen Top Road, according to at least one sign.

More important - when we reached the un-gated road on the NY side of the line, there was an obvious (though small) sign posted on the right side of its entrance indicating that a local homeowners association had hired an armed guard to patrol. We didn't see a guard, but did feel requesting permission was in order. At the fork in the road (beyond the sign), we went right and found no one home. We backtracked to the left fork (signed "Fire House") and found a resident who was intrigued by our hobby and granted permission to go search for the boundary marker (though he figured we'd need GPS to find it). After a bit of thrashing, I returned to the bend in the road, took a bearing, and paced to within 50 feet of the surprisingly obscure marker.

From the marker, bearings and sightings indicate that the marker itself is at or very near the highest point on the state, and therefore county, line in the area. I think you need to find the marker to count this one. And I hope everyone going in at least tries to ask for permission.