Fairfield County High Point Trip Report

Date: July 2001
Author: Dave Covill

This one was very interesting, as we met the groundskeeper for the owners. She said it was OK for us to hike to the cohp at the state line, but not OK to ask the neighbor for permission as had been done a few times before, as he didn't own the land. She was pretty nice, and said the owners live in NYC and come up for weekends. Quite a mansion there, with an incredible view westward to the Hudson River. We walked down to the curve in the road, then straight N via compass along the alleged state line for a few hundred yards. Note: the small poor stone wall peters out about 100' N of the road curve. There is absolutely no vestiges of a stone wall within 300'+ of the cohp. We walked through nice hardwoods with minimal undergrowth to the marker, a beautiful white stone about 3' high, inscribed with a NY and a CT. It rests on what seems to be the shoulder of the slope, at about where you would guess the Fairfield CT cohp to be.

A small path leads SW, and also goes NE. I followed it NE about 1/4 mile to see if it looped around, but it kept going. I came back and we followed it SW about 200', where it intersected a larger path. This path also went NE, at a higher elevation than the first, and SW. We followed it SW about 200' to the driveway of the house, about 100' down from the gate. Someone else has mentioned this before.

The best thing to do is to get permission, drive to the gate, and take the pleasant grassy path for 200', then angle right on the smaller, bark mulched path for another 200' or so to the marker. I would have to say that if a hiker has not made it to and seen the monument, he/she has not been to the Fairfield CT cohp.