Fairfield County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: April 22, 2007
Author: Don Desrosiers

The problems on this one were mine. My micro-level maps were correct, although I cannot say the same for the macro-level ones. Thus, I got to where I thought I should be, noted that the ground didn't look like what I was anticipating; and that the GPS indicated I was 4.5 miles from my desired destination. So, I just figured it out! Ha!

Akin Hall, mentioned by Dan Case, is an impressive stone building that looks like a church but is in reality a library. Good landmark. Otherwise, I kept going, stealthed it in from about as far as you can drive in and, like Mr. Case, did not lose sight of my car. Finding the traces of old stone wall helped.

On a personal note, this extends my home glob from GA to the MA-VT line and leaves me 2 counties shy of a ME-GA glob.