Hartford County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: July 15, 2004
Author: Brennan Connelly

This is an addendum to Dave Covill's report with exact mileages and GPS (NAD27) coordinates.

The directions from the east are as follows: West Street is 29.5 miles from Massachusetts Turnpike exit 3 via US202 and CT20. There is a church on the northwest corner. Turn left onto Dish Mill Road at 30.9 miles (sign for Howell's Pond). Turn right onto Wilderness Road at 31.7 miles. The trailhead is at 31.9 miles at (42° 1.497' N, 73° 0.236' W), elevation 1286 feet.

Pass the gate on the forest road and continue 0.26 mile to where the main road continues to the left. At 0.53 mile turn right on an overgrown road. There are no other side roads along this route. At 0.85 mile just beyond the apparent crest of the road, there is a flat outcrop of bedrock. This is a good place to start your bushwhack.

The cairn and register are approximately 0.03 mile from the road at (42° 1.870' N, 73° 0.428' W) and 1,4275 feet according to my altimeter.

Bring the Deep Woods Off insecticide for this one. Long pants are also recommended as this is tick country. A large black spider has taken up residence in the canister over the register, be sure to say "hi".

Hike statistics: Round-trip 1.77 miles; elevation gain 250 feet.