Hartford County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: April 27, 2008
Author: Dave Dunham

This was my first of three HP for the day which dawned with light drizzle and a heavy overcast. The trip reports were fine and I brought along my map. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my compass which gave me a moment of pause when returning from the HP. I wasn't sure which field I was in and couldn't determine which direction I was facing. It was difficult to determine where the sun was rising as it was only 7:00 AM and the skies were very thick. I made the correct choice after consulting the topo and completed the run out and back in 21 minutes.

Note: The register is now full. I found a small blank spot to sign in but all of the pages are now covered. It was placed in 2002 and was quite damp from condensation inside the glass jar. The pencil also needs to be sharpened but I was not carrying a knife.