Middlesex County High Point Trip Report

Meshomasic BM (916 ft)

Date: July 2000
Author: Scott Surgent

On CT-66 on the west side of East Hampton, turn N onto Cone Road. Turn L at a stop sign after about 0.4 mile, then follow this road as it bends north again. After another 0.3 mile, take right fork onto Clark Hill Road. After a mile it makes a bend, heading due E. After this bend by about 0.4 mile, turn left (N) onto Midwood Farm Road. Proceed about 1 mile to the point where Midwood Farm Rd makes a hard right. The trailhead is located on the left side (W) of the road at this bend, between the driveways of two nearby homes. Find an out-of-the-way place to park (I actually parked about 0.25 miles south along Midwood Farm Road near a tower). Obviously, hike in on the trail, not on the gravel driveways.

Head west along the trail. It dips at first, then rises. Ignore a left spur after the first rise. Proceed on the main trail as it doglegs to the NW, eventually coming to a T intersection after about 0.4 mile. Turn left (W) at the T, then about 100 feet later where the trail forks, take the right fork (it's hard to see on the map as it is drawn right on a contour line). This last bit curves around the hill to the top. A benchmark is located in some large boulders on your right, and the true highpoint is about another 30 feet ahead. Some cement blocks with some unidentifiable steel items embedded in them sit at the summit. Find the highest boulder to make it official. Return the way you came. Total one-way hiking is about 0.7 mile, maybe less. Round trip time was about a half-hour, and it involves about 100 feet of gain.

According to the map the last portion of the hike and the summit are in Meshomasic State Forest. The trail is well maintained.