New Haven County High Point Trip Report

Two points SW of Lindsley Hill (1,050+ ft)

Date: July 2000
Author: Scott Surgent

On CT-69 just south of the intersection with Woodtick Road, you will be at the obvious highest point along the highway. It's about 5 miles S of Bristol in the community of Wolcott. There are some businesses and empty lots along this stretch of highway so parking isn't a problem.

The northern of the two points is located just S of a used car lot, along a paved road. The road has gates but they were open when I was there (If they're closed just walk around the gates). There were warning signs about defacing property, etc., but no explicit "no trespassing" signs. Walk up the road about 150 paces. You will notice the highpoint, which has fortuitously not been bulldozed or disturbed. The road curls around the highpoint. The "summit" has large trees on it and a very large boulder sticking about 4 feet out of the ground. Immediately past this point is a building and tower complex with "no trespassing" signs. You don't need to go this far.

The southern point is a little trickier, but you have options. Not far south along CT-69 is a mini- golf/driving range place. From the road look across the driving range to some netting constructed to shield some homes, plus another tower. This is your "summit". I showed up on a day when the golf place was closed, so I asked a gentleman mowing his lawn next door if it was okay for me to walk to the netting. He didn't seem to mind (he probably doesn't own that land but it made me feel better). This particular "summit" has been severely disturbed, with berms, stray golf balls and general junk laying about. Another option is to park in a lot near a building S of the golf place (Simon Gagnon trucking?) and walk up a dirt road that has a chain across it. But this abuts some homes but requires little distance.

Judging by the condition of these two highpoints, and the fact that both lie in tiny contours of about the same size, and that the northern one has been undisturbed and contains a significant-sized rock, I'd conclude that the northern point is very likely the true highpoint. But visit both just in case.