New Haven County High Point Trip Report

two unnamed points 1000 ft and 2000 ft SW of Lindsley Hill (1,050+ ft)

Date: August 19, 2001
Author: Roy Schweiker

Previous reports were helpful and accurate. The driving range is still closed and for sale; I parked under the real estate sign and walked up. I hoped that due to the sale there would be recent survey tape showing which property the HP was on, but no such luck. I think that there are 3 ways to near-Martinize this bump: 1) If gate is open and you have permission to drive to this tower, 2) With permission from homeowner on back side of ridge, if he moves a few items in back yard, 3) By borrowing the Sherman tank parked across street at American Legion, no need to worry about small items or gates.

As I hated to lose the elevation so laboriously gained, I then bushwhacked along the ridge to the other tower. The woods are thick enough to impede travel but not thick enough to obscure the adjacent homes - the property is not posted but I see no reason to argue with people or dogs; fortunately nobody outside. After touching the rock, I walked out the driveway and back the highway to my car. Incidentally, the signs on the gate say something like "Notice - it is a federal crime to damage communication facilities" which does not seem to exclude HP visitors.