New Haven County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 6, 2003
Author: Chip Clark

While in CT over the holidays, I finally had the chance to visit this CoHP (or should I say both CoHPs), and dragged my wife, two daughters, my Dad, and his wife along with me. Though it was sunny, it was 30 degrees with winds howling over the ridge, which didn't do much to sell the CoHP thing to the family. I grew up in the neighboring town of Southington, and thought this point looked very familiar- and realized why. My Dad and I used to ride motorcycles along these power lines when I was a teenager. I must have passed with 100 feet of the southern point many times without knowing what it was. Too bad I didn't know or I could have claimed first ascent 25 years ago!

Anyway, I'm convinced the northernmost point is the highest. The southern point is flatter, and has been bulldozed. The boulder on the northern point definitely tips the balance. Either way, the points are only 1,000 feet apart on route 69. For the southern point, the driving range netting etc. are gone - we simply walked up the power lines to this point.