New London County High Point Trip Report

Gates Hill (660 ft)

Date: May 25, 2000
Author: Ken Akerman

From the intersection of Rt. 16 & Rt. 85 in Colchester, drive E on Rt. 16 5.0 miles to the junction of Rt. 207 in Exeter. Turn right on Rt. 207 and drive 3.4 miles to the junction of Rt. 87 in Lebanon, then 0.9 miles N on Rt. 87. There is a fork in the road here, where Rt. 289 intersects Rt. 87; bear to the right and drive 1.8 miles N on Rt. 289 to Bender Road. Turn right and drive about 0.9 miles on Bender Road to Gates Rd.; make a left here and follow Denis Hanson's directions the rest of the way.

While we were walking around in the cemetery, a neighbor stopped by to check her mail from her box immediately next to the cemetery. We chatted with her, asked her to take our pictures, and she identified herself as a long-time resident of the area. She told us that the land right behind the cemetery did contain the highest point of New London County. She also said that there were many more people buried in the cemetery than identified by the memorials, but most of the gravestones have been destroyed and stolen by vandals. The sign on the cemetery grounds states, "Greewald - Card Cemetery, established 1820."