New London County Highpoint Trip Report

Gates Hill (660+ ft)

Date: May 11, 2004
Author: John Garner

This is effectively a drive-up but since I found the roads in the town of Willimantic somewhat confusing, I'll provide the simplest, shortest route. You want to start where CT 66 on the north side of the Willimantic River and CT 32 on the south side of the river are connected by a bridge that is notable for having large sculptured frogs on each of the four corner posts (this bridge does not seem to be shown, or at least shown accurately, on the USGS quad). You want to take the road that continues directly south from the south end of the bridge at the junction (traffic lights) with CT 32. (For the route via CT 289, you go west on CT 32 from this point for about a quarter-mile, then turn left onto CT 289.)

For my route, you go south on this road (Gates Road) for about 1.9 mile, passing the Lebanon town line sign (also the New London County line, but not signed as such) after a mile or so, to a "T" intersection. Turn right (still Gates Road) and reach the high point area in a quarter-mile.