Tolland County High Point Trip Report

Burley Hill

Date: July 1996
Author: Fred Lobdell

If, when you're looking for Burley Hill, you turn up Burley Hill Rd., you won't get to the HP but you will get to the property owner's house. It is the first house on the left. I chatted with him for a while and found him to be friendly and accommodating. He had no problems with people hiking on his land. He told me to drive in the next drive to the north, which led to a farm field he was renting out. Then, he said, I could hike up alongside the field and bushwhack through the woods to the summit. He said it was topped with a jumble of granite boulders, and I could pick any one I liked and call it the high point.

Unfortunately, there was a chain across the drive he said to use, so I went on up to the next right turn and drove up a short distance to the non-standard No Trespassing sign alluded to in Ken Jones's report. My recollection is that it read, "Pass this point only if you desire death". Anyway, the sign poster obviously had no right to keep me from the communications tower a short distance up the road, and that's where I parked in order to do this one, as have others. The sign was not put up by the owner of the high point, and I took the owner's easy-going acceptance of hiking on his land to assume that there is a sort of blanket permission for hikers to do this HP. However, if anyone would like to obtain individual permission, they're free to talk with the owner, and I'd be curious to know if his attitude has changed any.