Kent County High Point Trip Report

twenty-one areas

Date: February 3, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

fourteen areas within 1 mile of Twin Eagle Farms (80-85 ft)

Approach: From US 13 at Smyrna, take DE 6 west 5 3/4 miles to the junction with DE 42 and an unmarked road, shown at Blackiston on the topo. (Note: There is no exit onto DE 6 from the DE 1 toll road). Go right (NW) on the unsigned road that becomes Long Ridge Road. Reach the junction with Deer Antler Road at 0.6 miles. The buildings shown under the word "Eagle" on the topo are abandoned.

For the three points south of word "Farms," continue along Long Ridge Road another 0.3 miles to a road cut, which split the ridge and created the two separate points. The southernmost point is not visible. The area north of the road is obviously higher, and hand leveling across to the two points to the east was inconclusive. Backtrack on Long Ridge Road a short distance to a right onto Jordan Drive, and drive south past house #92, to an open field on the right. I followed the south fence line of #92, crossed a tree line and ditch, and felt that the highest ground was at the far end of the next field. This is slightly west of the area shown on the topo. Relief here is very subtle.

For the two areas east of Twin Eagle Farms, backtrack to Deer Antler Road, turn left and go about 0.2 miles to the road cut shown on the topo. I parked opposite utility pole #DEC 81263. The nearest point is in soybeans, and the point to the north is planted in corn. This was my first attempt at hand leveling, and I can't say with confidence which point is higher, or how these compare to the points to the west. The nine points further north are not visible from the Twin Eagle Farms area.

Continue north on Deer Antler Road until the T-intersection, and go left on Holletts Corner Road to the low crest at house #4076 on the south side. Here I found "Don," resident of #4076, who very graciously invited me to park in his driveway and explore the area at will. Crossing through his backyard, I almost immediately reached a gravel farm driveway coming from the south, which turns east at this point, parallels the road behind the private homes, then reaches the road further east at a mailbox labeled "Webb." Farmer Les Webb, who knows Don well, drove up on his tractor, and after I showed him the map and explained my mission, somewhat bemused, he told me to go ahead and enjoy myself. From this point, all the other areas are reasonably accessible, so if either Don or Les can be contacted, future highpointers should be able to wander without hassle. Walk east along the farm driveway a short distance, and the low ridge line shown on the topo becomes apparent.

Leave the driveway and turn southeast toward some significantly higher ground, which in this area means ten feet higher, to the largest area on the map. Its high ground is at the NW corner of a PVC, electrically fenced pasture, with a wooden post at the corner. The area just to the south is visible behind a barn, and the three areas to east are visible at the edge of some woods. My hand leveling showed this point as highest, but the relief is so slight that I would recommend visiting the other areas. Hike south past the barn, follow the ridge line to an east-west fence line, then cross another PVC enclosed pasture to head east. After a low swale, and another couple of easy fence crossings, gain the next low ridge to the east.

There is an accessible cow pasture to the right (south), and the two northerly points are in or near the patch of woods, and just south of a private home on the main road. Leveling from this point still made me think the third point in from the main road was higher, but a second opinion is necessary. There were hunters in the patch of woods shooting at deer and rabbits, making me glad I was wearing blaze orange.

From here I retraced my path exactly back to the "highest" high point, picked up the farm driveway, and followed it out to the paved road.

Across the road, on the north side, is a brick house #4216, and the eastern of the two points north of Holletts Corner Road is at or near that house. I wandered around and found no one home. To reach the tiny point to the west, follow the field west and pick up a field road from its SW corner. This leads along the edge of the woods to a knoll behind a green house, the fourth house passed, as shown on the topo. >From here it was short stroll back to the brick house, then west on the paved road to #4076. If one were short of time, a walk up the gravel driveway from the "Webb" mailbox leads almost directly to the third point south of the paved road, which I consider the highest. The two areas north of the higher are definitely lower.

one area 1/2 mile SSW of Seenytown (80-85 ft)

From the junction of DE 42 & 300 in Kenton, go SW on 300 for 0.5 miles to a left turn at Judith Road. Pass Dinah's Corner Road on the left at 2.6 miles, then park at an embankment (shown on topo) on the right (west) side at 2.7 miles. I hiked the stubble field west toward an abandoned building, with the highest ground about 200 yards past the building.

six areas 1 mile west to 1 mile east of Hartley (80-85 ft)

For the two areas west of Hartley, take DE 44 west from its junction of DE 11 in Hartley for 0.6 miles to a gravel driveway on the left, opposite mailbox #635. The driveway ends at 1.1 miles at a home, with pasture and water tank adjacent. The owners were working the pasture and granted permission to park at the rear of the house and walk the field to the west. High ground is in the field, with marshes visible to the north and west as per the map. For the area nearer the highway, backtrack and park along the access driveway, within view of DE 44, and walk the stubble field SSE to obvious high ground almost directly behind the house on the highway.

For the area nearest to Hartley on the SE, go east on 44 from the 11/44 junction for 0.3 miles to a right at Crystal Road. Reach a crest at 0.5 miles, with the highest ground between houses #206 and 218, no more than 50' in from the road.

For the two areas north of DE 44, backtrack a short distance on 44 from Crystal Road to an unsigned paved road, shown on topo, that roughly parallels 44 to the north. Go about 1/10 mile to the crossroads and park alongside the road. This was another hike across stubble fields to very obvious high ground to the NE. Highest ground seemed to be near the north-south tree line just NW of the structure shown on the map. Follow the ridge line north across cornfields to the next high point, at or near an east-west tree line. I followed the fields further north, but found no higher ground.

For the area to the east, just south of 44, go about 1/2 east of Crystal Road on 44, and park at a vacant package store on the north side. Walk across a final stubble field to high ground between the highway and farm buildings.