Kent County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: March 11, 2004
Author: James Wedekind

Many thanks to Michael Schwartz and Fred Lobdell for their detailed trip reports.

fourteen areas near Twin Eagle Farms

The junction between DE 42 and the unmarked road that Mike mentions is now labeled Long Ridge Road. The point closest to house #92 is now located in the NW corner or a dirt-bike/motocross track. Follow the tree-line/fence between #92 and #176 to the far corner of the track.

The areas east of Twin Eagle Farms are somewhat hard to distinguish and there may be more areas to the southeast of the road that are just are equally elevated. I moseyed around in the muddy field for a few minutes.

As Mike and Fred state, the 9 areas near the Webb residence are spread between wooded and open areas and are hard to distinguish. I visited all of the GPS points associated with the spots and agree with Mike that the area near the PVC corner is probably the highest. I think the northerly points are definitely lower.

one area near Seenytown

As stated by Fred and Mike.

six areas near Hartley

Lady at #206 wasn't home. I did an extended turnabout up her driveway and tied my shoe outside the car.

uneventful visit to the areas west of Hartley

For the areas north of DE 44 there is a gravel road (looks like a driveways from the street, but it heads farther back and I didn't discover the terminus; it's almost a direct extension of Rehak Drrive) just to the east of yellow house #177. I parked along this lane and had a short stroll to the HPs. At the cul-de-sac turnabout point there is a house with an extremely voracious dog that I wanted to avoid, hence the gravel lane.