Kent County Highpoint Trip Report

21 points (80-85 ft)

Date: September 22, 2006
Author: Don Desrosiers

This is not a full report since previous missives by Messrs Schwartz, Lobdell, and Wedekind are good. Getting this county remapped might be a service to the group.

four points west of Hartly: Started with the obligatory pull-up into the driveway of #206 Crystal. Opened the door. Touched the ground. Left. The other area south of DE 44 was behind a green house and was an IBI (ignore by inspection). For the two areas north of DE 44, drive back just past the intersection of DE 44 and Crystal and go north onto North Street. At the end, park and walk into the field going northeast. The larger area was subtle, although there was some rise and I can see why Fred like it. The small area to the northeast was declared an IBI.

two points east of Hartly: Went up the driveway to #635, parked and bushwhacked to behind the house. The area closer to DE 44 looked just as high. Continued closer to the farm as mentioned and declared the smaller, western point to be an IBI.

one area south0southwest of Seeneytown: Parked at the obvious embankment on Judith Road. The embankment scoped out as high as the point to the east, although I could see prominence. IBI.

14 areas near Twin Eagle Farms: The point near "F" in Farms scoped out as higher than the other four in the area. It was also fairly obvious (for this area). For the areas to the north off of Holletts Corner Road, I felt the two areas north of the road were inconsequential as viewed from the road and could be ignored. Like everyone else, I also drove into the driveway of #4076 to get permission but nobody was home. Eventually went down the driveway to #4198, which I presume is the Webb farm. Gravel road seemed to go pretty close to the highest thing in the area. Scoping and binoculars led me to discount the areas farther to the east and southeast.

For those who need it, if you continue east on Holletts Corner Road you will eventually (5 miles?) get to Blackbird State Forest. Free camping.