New Castle County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: July 30, 2006
Author: David Keller

I was in the back seat. "Psycho Paul" was in the passenger seat. Sara Page was in the driver seat. We drove south on Highway 202. We then drove east on State Road 92.

"Where do we go now?" asked Sara Page.

"According to the map, we should take a left on the street after Grubb Road.", replied Psycho Paul.

We drove past Grubb Road. We took a left on the next street, Elbright Road. The street was dark. There was no sign of our desired treasure.

"What do we do now?" asked Sara Page.

"Im not sure.", replied Psycho Paul.

"Were not even sure what we should be on the lookout for.", I said.

We eventually came to State Road 491.

"I think weve gone too far.", said Psycho Paul. "Were back in Pennsylvania."

"Should I turn around?" asked Sara Page.

"I think so.", replied Psycho Paul.

We made a U-turn and drove south on Elbright Road. A dark field appeared on the right.

"We should stop at this field over here.", I said.

We parked next to the field and exited the car. Psycho Paul held up a lit lantern.
I felt like a treasure hunter.

"It could be anywhere in this field.", I said.

"Were right on the state border.", said Sara Page,
pointing to a nearby telephone pole.

Printed on the telephone pole was the word "Delaware".

"Were standing in Pennsylvania now.", said Psycho Paul.
"Its got to be right on the other side of that telephone pole."

"Lets walk down the street then.", I said.

We walked past the telephone pole, crossing into Delaware.

"Whats the sign up ahead?" asked Sara Page,
pointing to a lit sign in the distance.

Psycho Paul made a victory sound.

"That could be it!" I said enthusiastically.

We approached the sign. As I read the sign,
I knew that we had found our desired treasure.

"We found it!" I shouted.

I gave the sign a big hug.

In the middle of a residential neighborhood, sitting at the corner of
Elbright Road and Ramblewood Drive, was a sign that marked the highpoint of Delaware at 448 feet.