Alachua County Highpoint Trip Report

three areas 3/4 mile east of Warren Cave (200+ ft)

Date: November 2, 2007
Author: Michael Schwartz

If approaching from the northeast, take either FL 121 south from I-10 to Lake Butler or take CRs 229 and 238 south from I-10 and pick up FL 121 in Lake Butler. Continue south on 121 about 9-10 miles, go southwest 3.0 miles on CR 239, go west 2.4 miles on CR 236, go south 11.2 miles on CR 241, then go east 2.3 miles to the height of land and the parking area for the San Felasco Preserve on the north side of the road. Do pay the $2 parking fee, as the rangers were ticketing non-compliers during my visit. Previous reports will get you to the three areas, none of which is going to tax your climbing muscles.

After visiting the areas south of the road, it's easiest to hop the short fence and walk back along the highway.

I did not visit the fourth, manmade area.