Brevard County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 16, 2002
Author: Gene Daniell

Development has proceeded apace, and now we not only have High Point Drive, we have the High Point Building with offices still available for leasing to interested parties - anybody want a High Point office?

Just north of the FL 528 cloverleaf, take High Point Drive - most easily identified as the road up the north side of the Econolodge. Almost opposite the upper end of the Econolodge, a driveway runs along the lower edge of the High Point Building's parking lot and climbs to an upper parking lot for another office building that is not too visible from this upper lot. At the edge of the upper lot, a sand trail ascends the embankment (there is white sand running onto the parking lot pavement here) for about 20 yards with 5 feet of elevation gain. Here on the right under a fairly good-sized tree, is the apparent high point of natural land - the ground vegetation indicates that this point has not been disturbed at any recent time.

There were several pieces of heavy construction equipment active in the area that Fred Lobdell mentions as a possible alternative approach, and I foresee another building there in the near future. There was also a 20-foot high pile of sand (which I climbed with a bit of effort - it was steep) next to the apparent high point - there will probably be another building there, even higher than the High Point Building. However the remaining natural high point may actually survive (with perhaps a bit of landscaping) since it appears to lie on the boundary between two properties. Being so close to the parking lot to an office building, there should be no public access problem.