Broward County High Point Trip Report

three areas on Pine Island - one has a spot elevation of 29 ft

Date: December 23, 2000
Author: Mike Schwartz

I used Fred Lobdell's trip report to reach Pine Island and the strip park along the ridge. Parking is still non-existent. I parked on the grass near the no parking signs, turned on my 4-way flashers, and nobody bothered me. There's no need to rehash the description, except to concur in the highest ground appearing to be at the three pines 1/4 mile from the entrance. BUT, looking at the topo, it seems apparent that the 29' spot elevation is well west of the entrance to the park on Forest Ridge Blvd. It is certainly not at the three pines point on the ridge. I, like Fred, walked far enough west on the path to enter the woods, but I turned around before reaching Nob Road, the next north-south street to the west, about 3/4 mile west of the park entrance. According to the topo, spot elevation 29' is less than 1/4 mile east of Nob Rd.

To get to the Nob Road approach: From the intersection of Pine Island Road and Forest Ridge Blvd., go south for 1.1 miles to a right turn onto Orange Drive, then turn right again at 2.3 miles onto 100th Avenue. At 3.7 miles turn right into a development, The Ridge On Nob Hill, onto Ridge Trace, and make an immediate left on Abianca Circle. Park in the pool lot just a few feet up the right side of Abianca. My interpretation of the topo, which still shows nothing but orchards in this area, is that you are now at the low break in the ridge just west of spot elevation 29' and east of Nob Road. Climb the ridge hump west of Abianca. and the whole ridge line stretches out before you to the north. Just north of the lot on Abianca, behind a large green electrical box, is a signed trailhead for what is labeled as a Broward County Environmentally Sensitive Area. Trails lead east, on both the south and north sides of the ridge, join a bit further east, and I'm sure connect to the path from the Forest Ridge Blvd. entrance. I bushwhacked through the ferns and spider webs to the ridge top, which does rise 5-10 feet from the trail. I would have expected a more significant gain to reach 29' elevation, but there are no other high areas around. My suggestion for future visitors is to walk the entire ridge from Nob Road/Abianca Circle east to Forest Ridge Blvd. (simpler route-finding from the west and better parking).

The other three 25+ ft areas north of spot elevation 29 ft in section 20 and 17 are in a walled-in, gated development that showed no easy means of access. In my opinion, they do not require a visit, as per the park plaque (see Fred's report) and the seemingly undisturbed condition of spot elevation 29 ft.

one area 1/2 mile SSW Broward Highlands (25+ ft)

I visited this area in 12/99 and have nothing to add to Fred's description. Hard core highpointers would probably want to visit, just to be sure.