Broward County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 3, 2001
Author: Dave Covill

I had previously been to the 25+ ft contour in the NE corner of the county, by the Highlands trailer park. At the time (February 1997), I was using Andy Martin's 1994 version of his book, which was incorrect. Anyway, I recall that area being rather flat, and it is indeed likely that the high ground only reaches 26- 28' there. It's also disturbed a bit, with buildings and roads all around.

We used the Eastern approach, and got to the entrance road off Pine Island Road. The development bears absolutely no resemblance to the topo. Where it shows orchard, there are huge houses, and a road winding NW, then N. We left our car parked off of the road on grass, as others have done, including another couple walking a dog, right across from the monument which bears the plaque on the back (W) stating the high spot claim of 29'. There were tons of bees in the tree near our car. Watch out! We walked W through the park, which is open grass with a few scattered, very large white pines, for about 1/4 mile. We noted that the ground here, about halfway out to the edge of the woods, by 3 pines, did appear to be higher than that to the W. I used the trusty hand-level to try to determine so, but there was too much vegetation to accurately tell where the ground was in the woods. I would say that the indicated contour of 20' is probably right on for that location.

We proceeded W past a junction, where the main trail bends NW and follows the ridge. We stayed the course W, and dropped down a few feet, then rose again into the woods, following a path to a bandstand- type structure. We walked around it to the S on a path, and followed it all the way out to Nob Hill Rd to the W. We then came back, and encountered a ranger lady. She was very helpful, and agreed that we were where we thought we were on the map. We then bushwhacked up to the NW from the bandstand structure about 200', up perhaps 5-7', to the highest ground. No view whatsoever, and nasty thorn bushes, with seeds sticking to our clothes, and lots of spider webs. Didn't see a cairn from anyone, and had nothing to build one with. Some evidence of garbage along the way in, but none near the interior, a good 100' through bushes. Doubt if kids even go there. Noticed a trail to the S as we came out, which the ranger lady said was to the main parking lot off of Orange Drive to the S. She had driven a truck up that route, and was dropping mulch on the trail. Next to the "D" in "Island" on the topo is a depression, which is now a shallow pond. We did not try to visit the other 2 25'+ spots to the N. Mike Schwartz said they were in a private area, although I pointed them out to the ranger, who said they were accessible. Should have tried, but we were running late to make it to the Keys by sunset.