Citrus County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 23, 2001
Author: Ken Jones

This was a grudge county - we'd done the 226-foot point of the earlier lists, but had been "Olsonized." We used Fred Lobdell's October 1999 trip report this time. Fred's report was great, except that things have changed on the ground in 2 years.

Where Fred "crossed the county road and walked up a dirt road that headed south" there is no longer a dirt road. Instead, there is a paved road leading into a gated community. We drove up and told the guard at the gate what we wanted to do. He told us the high point was near the 5th tee, and let us in. We drove up to where the road leveled out by a pond (with a fountain) and turned left, but the road quickly ended in a cart path and there was no place to park. We got back on the main road and found a parking area by the driving range a few feet further on. We walked back to the pond and up the road to the cart path, then headed up the path and across an open area to the apparent highest point (which is just beyond the 5th tee).