Citrus County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 27, 2003
Author: Ken Oeser

We used Fred Lobdell's trip report to get us close, then turned uphill from the shopping center on Forrest Ridge Blvd. We pulled up to the gate (golf courses and gated community) and were told to get a visitor pass at the visitor information center just before the gate. I inquired about accessing the highpoint (accompanied by Alexandra, of course) near the golf course, and the woman asked if I wanted to see the model homes. I replied that, no, I didn't, and it was OK if they didn't allow people in. She said it was OK, and gave us a visitor pass, and we proceeded through the gate.

We almost parked at the tennis center to start with, but drove past and up several roads to some houses very near the high area, but decided not to park on the road, and returned to the tennis center and parked, about 1/2 mile from the entrance gate on the main road. We then hiked about 1/4 mile uphill on a drive/cart path, and through an overgrown field planted in small pines, then crossed a fairway and hit the two high bumps after a solo golfer teed off, and then we returned the way we came. Fred was right; the bumps may not be natural, but the hill underneath is.