Escambia County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: February 2004
Author: Bill Jacobs

a partial county completion

Note: Trip report modified in June of 2007 to coincide
with Area topo-link numbering scheme found at

Although I have lived in Escambia County, off and on, for more than twenty years, the task of completing my home county always seemed too daunting. First, there were several areas greater than a square mile in size. Secondly, I could count only thirty areas as opposed to the 36 detailed in the "Bible". But after understanding the precept of counting spill-overs and Kevin Williamson's research confirming that there were only 30 counties, I undertook the effort of tackling the county, after I had moved away.

All areas are located in northern part of the county, on or near the Alabama border. For what it's worth, the adjacent Alabama county also goes by the name of Escambia. The Alabama Escambia is no pushover either - taking me several years and four visits to complete. Don't ever underestimate the degree of difficulty of a county named "Escambia".

Fifteen of the county's areas are complete and reported on herein. The reporting sequence generally runs west to east with the numbered areas lacking text representing incomplete areas.

Area 1 - not completed.

Area 2 - not completed.

Area 3 - not completed.

Area 4 - not completed.

Area 5 (2007 note). The original map readers, Kevin Williamson and myself, concluded this area was connected to Area 4 - one reason the individual who generously developed the topo links came up with 32 areas, vice, our count of 30.

Area 6 - not completed.

Area 7. From the Antioch Church Cemetery, head south less than a mile to the intersection of Nakomis and Pineville. The intersection sits on the northeastern edge of the contour. Roads to the west (Rease Seales Road) and to the southwest (Hollingsworth Road), and the continuation of Pineville to the south allow for ample access to survey the contour, which includes mostly wide-open farmers' fields.

Area 8 (2007 note). Kevin Williamson and myself both concluded this area was not a 280 foot contour and is not listed as one of our 30 contours. We probably came to this conclusion because of the swamp symbols depicted entirely within the contour ring. Failing to remember any other reason for its rejection and observing there are no inside contour spikes indicating a depression, this area should be checked out and added if field observations show a rise.

Area 9. From Antioch Church Cemetery (in the extreme northwestern corner of the county), head south on Pineville a third of mile to Tullis. Turn east onto Tullis for 0.3 mile to a crest on the road. The contour is to the south in the logged clearings. The land belongs to the brother of the gentleman living in the red brick house to the west. Permission was granted.

Area 10 - not completed.

Area 11. From the intersection of Nakomis and Pineville proceed south on Pineville for 1.2 miles. The contour is to the left through a fence and into the dense undergrowth. The entire area is covered with thick vegetation making it difficult to sight a possible high point.

Area 12 is near the intersection of James Road and Nakomis Road, about 3.0 miles west Highway 97. Head north on James Road 0.1 mile to a rise in the road and the beginning of gradual left turn. The contour is off to the left in the forest. Use a GPS to pinpoint the center of the area. An old road winds through the contour.

Area 13 is 2.5 miles west of Highway 97 on Nakomis Road. Where Nakomis makes a turn to the northwest the topo shows an unimproved road to the south arcing away and then joining back up with Nakomis. From the arc an unimproved road is shown heading to the south. Not shown on the topo, is a road heading southwest directly to the contour. Fortunately, the contour is logged and the area is free of thick undergrowth.

Area 14 spills over from Alabama and runs along the border on Jones Road from longitude 8732'55" W to 8733'17" W. The contour spreads only a couple of hundred yards into Florida and does not appear to rise any higher than the terrain along the state-line road. Curiously, the road coming from the south into the area and intersecting with Jones Road is also called Jones Road.

Area 15 - not completed.

Areas 16 and 21. The two areas are located south of the home on 6271 Highway 4 (0.1 mile west of Barren Church Road). The residents did not own the property beyond the backyard but had no problem with me parking there and exploring the fields to the south. Head due south into crop fields to a point abeam the contour located to the west in thick undergrowth. Cross the fence and you should come upon an unimproved dirt road which will allow you to access the contour at various points. The foliage is too thick to gauge where the highest point is.

For the next area (21) continue following the dirt road to the south as it parallels the pasture to the east. After the road crosses the "Little Sandy Hol" creek it will ascend a hill coming to a clear-cut field in a southeasterly direction. The contour is somewhere in this logged area - it is difficult to see a distinct rise.

Area 22 - not completed.

Area 23 - not completed.

Area 24 - not completed.

Area 25 - not completed.

Area 26 is west of the intersection of the Alabama/Florida State Line Road and Highway 99, a few miles north of Bratt. The area spills over from Alabama and runs from Highway 99 west for 0.2 mile. The pastures to the south of State Line Road do not appear to be higher.

Area 27. From the intersection of Highway 168 (about a mile east of H97) and Pine Barren proceed north to the state line - less than a mile and where the open pasture turns into forest. The topo shows a tiny area to the east of the road with a 282 foot elevation. The terrain rise is so subtle it is hardly discernible.

Area 28 - not completed.

Area 29. From Highway 4 and Raines Road, about a half mile west of Byrneville, head north 1.2 miles. Cross over highway 168 to Grimes Road, which is the southernmost tip of the area. Proceed north to an intersection: one road veering left to a home and the another road continuing straight ahead to the Rocking J Farm. I felt the highest area was somewhere in the vicinity of this intersection. I also walked the perimeter of the large farmer's field to the northeast, as a glance at the field did not indicate much of a fall off from the terrain near the intersection.

Area 30. From 0.6 miles north of Byrneville, on H4a, turn down Stucky Road (Street, whatever?) to the southwest. This intersection is essentially the southwest corner of Area 31. The entire length of Stucky Road bisects area 30. The highest area appears to be around the residences of 7030 and 7031 Stucky, between the road and out into the fields behind their yards. The homeowners were hospitable to a wandering highpointer. Of course, being a former native gave me an advantage with the locals. And, using the cognomen "Bubba" didn't hurt either.

Area 31. Continue another 0.1 mile up H4a (0.6 north of Byrneville). The area is off to the northeast covering several agricultural fields. A fence-line straddles the contour.

Area 32. From Byrneville (intersection of Highway 4 and Highway 4a) head north on H4a 0.5 mile. The small contour is adjacent to the right side of the road with the highest area appearing to be the terrain between the house and the highway.