Flagler County High Point Trip Report

Date: January 13, 2004
Author: Michael Schwartz

spot elevation 3/4 mile southeast of Neoga (59 ft)

This is a surprisingly interesting area despite its low elevation. Reach the small village of Espanola from CR 205 (off FL 100) or from CR 13, 3.1 miles northwest of its junction with US 1 near Bunnell. In the center of Espanola, look for a gated (but apparently usually open) gravel road angling west-northwest. It's marked Road 94, and signed by Rayonier Forest Resources as, "Private Road, travel at your own risk." The road follows an abandoned railroad grade, and is in excellent condition. Drive 1.2 miles to a railroad milepost on the left, a few feet past a sandy track going off to the left. The sandy track leads immediately uphill onto a duney hill that looked to be the location of spot elevation 59 feet. Interestingly, GPS placed spot elevation 59 about 100 feet northwest of the spot shown on the topo in some now-flat woods, which if correct, means the dune has moved that far southeast since the topography was mapped. When I entered the woods, I had a face-to-face with an armadillo, up close and personal. From the dune, I continued on some paths, beyond and to the left, which quickly led into a huge clear cut, with the surprisingly substantial, obviously natural ridge line visible. A couple of bumps in the clear cut seemed higher than spot elevation 59, so pay them a visit, too.

one tiny area 1 mile south of Saw Grass Bay (55+ ft)

The turnoff for this area is in the village of Pierson on US 17, 5.2 miles south of the US17/CR 305 junction in Seville, or 5.0 miles north of the US 17/ SR 40 junction in Barberville. Go east on Washington Avenue at the airport and stay on the main road for 3.3 miles to where the topo shows a fork at spot elevation 50. The grassy road north is gated and posted. With permission, hike north a short distance, ascend the 65-foot bump to the left through open woods, then follow the ridge line to the 60-foot bump just south of the liner highpoint. Drop off to the north, crossing through the liner and soon coming to a field road that leads back east to join the road shown on the map. I took the road back, but it would easier to merely retrace back to bump at 65 feet.