Flagler County High Point Trip Report

Date: January 23, 2004
Author: Bill Jacobs

Mike Schultz visited this county a few days before so I had the benefit of his notes. The sand dune Mike describes looks to have suffered the ravages of ORV overuse and may have lost a few feet in the process. Directly to the southeast of the dune is a depression in the trees paralleling the train roadbed. The shape of the depression and the steep sides lead little doubt that it is manmade. It's only a few feet from and is quite possibly the source of the dune buildup. The two ridges Mike spoke of look more natural. I still wonder how such prominent bumps could remain after centuries of erosion have flatten the surrounding areas for miles around to that of a plane of a fried egg. Note the sand build-ups to the southeast of and paralleling the old rail-bed are as high as the high area in some spots but are not shown on the topo.