Franklin County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 4, 2000
Author: Fred Lobdell

There are four areas in Franklin County surrounded by 16-meter (ca. 52-foot) contours. All are near the coast. The easternmost area is on a peninsula called St. James Island, and is in here and park. There will be three roads, paved at one time, diverging to your front. The one on the left (going due west) has had vehicular access blocked by an earth berm. Go over the berm and walk up the old road to where it ends at an intersection with two other old roads.

The first of the three high areas should be to your left front, but what is really there is a sand pit. It may be that the entire first area has been carted away in dump trucks. I walked around the high ground on the perimeter of the sand pit, then continued west into the woods looking for the other two high areas. There are two or three old woods roads but the best-defined of these seems to be the dashed line shown on the topo. The high areas are to the left (south) of this old woods road. None of this area is posted. Return the same way.