Hernando County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 18, 1999
Author: Fred Lobdell

There are two possibilities for the HP of Hernando Co. The southernmost of these (unnamed, 270+') lies in an open field and is easily accessible. From the exit on I-75 for US 98, take 98 west for about 5.5 miles to what the DeLorme atlas calls Griffin Rd. Turn left (south) and go about 2.5 miles, almost to where Griffin Rd. ends at a "T" intersection. The high area will be the obvious hill in an open field on your right (west). It is not posted. The second area (Chinsegut Hill, 274') is owned by the University of South Florida, which uses it as a conference center. From the intersection of US 41 and 98 on the east side of Brooksville, drive north on 41 about 2.7 miles to where county 581 forks to the left. Take 581 north for about 0.3 miles to where a concrete driveway on your left (west) leads into the conference center. You can drive almost to the top of the hill, then you have to walk the last couple of hundred feet. The conference center itself, a large white house, sits right on the hilltop. Signs say "No Trespassing" and "Authorized Personnel Only" but it seemed to me unlikely that USF would prosecute one of their own faculty members for walking around their conference center. Think how that would look in the papers! On the other hand, if a suspicious-looking character like Dave Covill were to attempt this . . . . In the event, there was a car at the center, but no one accosted me as I completed my tour and departed. There are nice views to the west from the hill top.