Hernando County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 26-27, 1998
Author: Ken Jones

The southern area is a big, open, unposted, unfenced, FLAT grassy field. Where is the highest bit? Your guess is as good as mine, but I think we hit it. In 1954 when the map was made, the HP was in a grove/orchard/plantation. Now a plantation is to the N and the HP is open and grassy (and wet when we walked across it).

The northern possibility, on Chinsegut Hill, is a Florida state conference center. It is posted - no public access weekends or evenings; when open you're supposed to check in. We headed up to see if there was someone we could ask for permission. By the time we realized there wasn't, we had stood on the highest point.

It is not clear that the highest point is natural any more - there is a building more or less right on top.