Hernando County High Point Trip Report

Chinsegut Hill (274 ft) and one area 1 1/2 miles south of Irvin Lake (270+ ft)

Date: December 21, 2002
Authors: Trapper Robbins & Roxanne Everett

The new structure at the intersection of the 2 county roads near the unnamed cohp candidate is almost finished and appears to be a church. There was a work crew there when we visited; we parked in the lot and simply strolled back into the field. There was a low electric fence in the area but no stock was visible.

The road to Chinsegut Hill is open and remains unposted. No one was there when we visited. The conference center is a wonderful old wooden structure set in scenic maintained grounds -- a great place for Roxanne's 200th COHP summit photos!

For Chinsegut Hill, our rental car gave different mileage results than Fred Lobdell's report. We got 4.2 miles from the junction of 41 & 98 on the east side of Brooksville to where county road 481 (not 581) branches off to the left. It's easy to find, regardless.