Indian River County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 16, 2002
Author: Gene Daniell

From Yeehaw Junction, a general tourist trap just off Florida's Turnpike, take US 441 south to the Osceola/Okeechobee county line. Take the sand road that runs east here, which soon runs along the Okeechobee/Indian River county line. The probable high point, a 74 foot spot elevation, is located on the left at the junction with the driveway Fred Lobdell describes - if you begin to swing to the north, you've gone too far. There is a house (currently for sale) approximately opposite the driveway on the Okeechobee County side. The Indian River County side is now fenced and posted, including the driveway at the 74 foot spot elevation, but you can still stand at the junction.

It is very doubtful that there's a higher point than this junction, since the section of the land within the 70 foot contour line that's in Indian River County apparently angles down toward that nearby 70 foot contour line, and any spot significantly higher would force a 75 foot contour. On the other hand, the 74 foot spot didn't look all that much higher than the 71 foot spot to the west (and certainly shouldn't look much higher to a New Hampshire bred eye), and it seems possible that the 74 foot spot might be a foot or two higher than the natural ground. But that's all speculative - the 74 foot spot is probably as good a high point as we can expect to get in such a flat area.