Lafayette County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 4, 2000
Author: Fred Lobdell

I only reconnoitered this one. There are three areas of 105+ feet elevation in the county, two of them a couple of miles east of the town of Mayo and the third about two miles west of the village of Day. I only investigated the two southern possibilities, and found access difficult.

From the intersection of US 27 and FL 51 in Mayo, go east on 27 about 2.7 miles to an intersection where county 153C goes left and an unnumbered dirt road goes right. Turn right (south) and follow this road as it goes south, then southeast, then south again. About a mile after leaving US 27, there will be a dirt road going right (west); turn right here. There is a large parking area at the next corner, and the adjacent open woods are posted against hunting.

The first area is up the road to the right (north) and has a house almost sitting on top of it. The property is surrounded by a substantial fence and gate and is posted as "No Trespassing". I saw no one in the yard on a Saturday afternoon; possibly, it is a vacation home and no one was in residence. This may be one where a visit to the county courthouse is necessary to find out ownership.

The second area is reached by continuing north a few hundred feet to where a small farm is located at the end of this road. There are postings around here, also. You would need to find a place to park and bushwhack due north to locate this area. It might be best to leave your vehicle at the parking area previously mentioned and bushwhack north through the woods. A copy of the topo is essential here, although the roads are more accurately depicted on the Florida DeLorme atlas.