Lake County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 18, 1999
Author: Fred Lobdell

There are also two possibilities for the Hp of Lake County, both showing an elevation of 310+'. And, of special interest to John M., one of them may be the Florida prominence leader! The northernmost area is Sugarloaf Mtn., and it's probably as close as you're going to get to a mountain in Florida. From the intersection of US 27 with FL 50 on the east side of Clermont, go north on 27 for about 5 miles to county 561. Turn right and go generally north on 561 for about 2.3 miles to where a paved road leads off to the right (east). Turn right and go about 0.8 miles to the top of the hill. The road climbs more than 200 feet in this stretch; you may want to stop a couple of times for acclimatization purposes. The area is being developed, and there are some new houses in the vicinity, as well some surveyor's stakes. But the high area is occupied by some sort of radio or TV tower, surrounded by a small fence. The highest area seemed to me to be a few feet west of the fence. The second, southern area, can be reached by returning to US 27 and going south about 1.4 miles to the second left. Turn left (east) and follow this road as it goes east, then south, then east again for about 1.6 miles to where the pavement ends at an intersection. There will be a gate on the left. The fence is in a good state of repair and the land is posted; however, there is a gap between the gate and the fence that appears large enough for even someone of my build to squeeze between. If my fingerprints are found on the gate, it's only because I leaned on it while gazing longingly at the promised land. The HP is the obvious hill to the northeast of the gate, and the field is full of brushy weeds, though few of them seem to bear thorns. Actually, the fall wildflowers were quite nice! If you did make it to the top, it looks as if it would be a relatively easy walk. And if you were to find a beer bottle in top, I assure everyone that I'm not responsible for it!