Lake County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: March 2004
Author: John Mitchler

Howey Height on Sugarloaf Mtn (see DeLorme page 79)

Fred Lobdell's considerable talents are proven again with his trip report. I can only add that the distance you travel on CR 561 is 2.5 miles and the paved road on the right (east) is Sugarloaf Mountain Road.

Hike statistics - a hundred feet or so with perhaps 5 feet of gain.

"Sugarloaf Mountain South" (see DeLorme page 79)

Fred's directions have been improved by Gene Daniell, mainly Fred's "on US 27 go south for 1.4 miles to" ignore "the second left" and instead focus on "paved North Grassy Lake Road". I also noted that when you follow the sandy road east, the power lines will be at mile 1.7.

Hike statistics - a couple hundred feet with 20 feet of gain (!)