Leon County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 5, 2000
Author: Fred Lobdell

There are five areas higher than 270 feet in Leon County. The westernmost of these bears a spot elevation of 279, and is probably the true high point. The other four areas are about 10 miles east of the first area, and are just south of the Georgia state line.

From the exit for US 319 on I-10, take 319 north a few hundred feet to the first traffic light. Turn left here and take this road about 1.7 miles to its end at FL 155 (Meridian Rd.). Turn right (north) on 155 and go about 6.5 miles to where a good-quality dirt road (Orchard Pond Rd.) intersects on the left.

At this point the land containing the high point will be to your left front (northwest). From the topo it would appear that your best course would be to turn left on Orchard Pond Rd. and go about 1.1 miles to where a dirt track goes off to the north, passing a short distance west of the high point. Unfortunately, this track is gated and posted, and there is no place to leave a vehicle except right at the gate. An alternative plan might be to leave a vehicle on the shoulder of FL 155 near the intersection of the two roads.

Here it looks as though it might be possible to get over the fence and bushwhack through the woods until the power line is intersected, then follow the road under the power line to a height of land. At this point, it looks from the map as though it might be possible to bushwhack directly to the summit of this hill.

For the other four areas, continue north on FL 155 from its intersection with Orchard Pond Rd. for about 5.5 miles to an intersection with FL 12. Turn right (east) on 12 and go east for about 6 miles until the road ends at a "T" intersection with US 319. (This means continuing straight ahead when 12 turns right after about 4 miles.) Turn left (northeast) on 319 and after a few hundred feet turn right (east) on Sunny Hill Rd., a good-quality dirt road. Take this for about 3 miles to a height of land where the Brown-Bethel Church will be on your right. You may want to consider parking at the church or just across the road from it.

Of the three small areas just north of the road, two are in woods and one is in a field. There is a small area in the woods just across the road northeast of the church. From this you can bushwhack through open woods due north down into a small valley and up to the crest of a fairly well-defined little hill.

The third area north of the road may be reached by bushwhacking back to the southwest and crossing a fence to stand on the high area in a field.

The fourth high area in this vicinity is about a half mile southeast of the church. The area is being selectively logged, and it is fairly easy going through the woods. There are a number of logging roads that can be followed for some distance. Remember to use your compass to point you in the right direction when you begin your descent so that you'll come out at the church rather than at the house a half mile southwest of the hill.