Madison County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 17, 2000
Author: Fred Lobdell

The Cherry Lake topographic map shows seven areas surrounded by 240-foot contour lines. These areas are all in a rough arc in an area of about a quarter square mile. Most of them are in a patch of fairly dense woods. Contours are fairly subtle here and these areas are not obvious. Also, the areas of woods and fields have undergone some change since the map was last revised in 1974. You need to keep track of where you are with map and compass.

From the intersection of FL Routes 53 and 150 in the hamlet of Cherry Lake, go north on 53 two miles to county 253. Turn left (west) on 253 and go about 1.5 miles to a dirt road which will be the second right. Park on the shoulder of 253 as there is no good place to park on the dirt road.

Walk north up the dirt road about a quarter mile to a height of land. The first area will be in the woods on the left (west) side of the road. A second area is another 0.2 miles north on the road, just before it begins its descent off the height of land, and off in the woods on the right (east) side a very short distance. For the other five areas, return to the height of land and walk into the woods holding a generally northeasterly course. The third area is right beside the road here, and the fourth and fifth areas are accessed by continuing northeast for about a quarter mile. None of these areas is obvious.

From the fifth area, turn and head in a generally southeasterly direction, passing over an indistinct saddle and rising slightly toward an open field ahead of you. The sixth area appears to be along a dirt track at the side of this field, or perhaps out into the field a couple of hundred feet or so. For the seventh area, turn again and head generally south-southwest into an area of more open woods. The woods here appear to be higher than the fields and yards beyond, and if from this point you hold a generally southerly course, you can avoid walking across yards as you return to the paved county 253. From here walk west back to your car.