Miami-Dade County Highpoint Trip Report

56 areas (20+ ft)

Date: January 28, 2006
Author: Michael Schwartz

This is an update, including a few corrections, to Dave Covill's tour-de-force of 2001/2002. His report is the basic reference for Miami-Dade (M/D). I agree that all areas shown on topos as being 25 feet or higher are likely manmade, but check out the interesting Virginia Key and others for yourself. Dave's large map covering the entire county, which he graciously lent me, was very useful. I used a AAA street map of Miami for navigating, on which I marked all areas ahead of time. My favorite choice for the true natural highpoint is Dave's area #30 near Bayshore Drive but the relief in M/D is too slight to eliminate all other areas with confidence. Figure on a very long day to do all the natural areas, noting that weekend traffic is lighter. Consider doing the highpoints in very busy Coral Gables and Coconut Grove early in the morning. Finally, check Dave's index against the narrative to ensure getting your southwests and northwests correct.

Comments keyed to Dave's assigned area numbers follow.

#16 Note that nearest streets are NW 2nd Street and NW 32nd Avenue. Ground at #3160 NW 3rd Street, around the corner, seemed just as high but the topo disagrees.

#18 Dave mentions house #1190, but he probably meant #1198.

#29 Alatka is a street rather than an avenue. Corner referred to is at Alatka and Manopy.

#31 The "street just to north of Coconut Grove" Dave refers to is Day Avenue, a one-way street near Tigertail, north of Bayshore Drive. "U.S. Naval Reserve Center" shows on the topo map but I never saw it. Don't waste time looking for it as a landmark.

#33 Looks like the big banyan tree suffered some storm damage. Still pretty obviously on highest ground, though.

#34 Gate to school is guarded. Need to talk your way in.

#35 Wander around until satisfied, as indicated by Dave. I thought the area to the north at the Main Highway/Douglas intersection was higher but again the topo disagrees.

#40 Agree with Dave that this one is perplexing. At any rate, there is no bump to be seen that would be a contender for the true M/D highest point.

#41 Richmond Drive is SW 168th Street, not SW 144th Street.

#45/46 #45 in Dave's narrative is #46 in the index, and #46 in the narrative is #45 in the index. Surprisingly in narrative area #46, the house north of the intersection is still not completed after almost five years, although it looks almost ready for occupancy. Note that this house is at the intersection of SW 96th Street and SW 90th Avenue. For narrative area #45, the streets mentioned should be SW 84th Avenue and SW 92nd Terrace.

#50 House #5819 is on SW 25th Street, one block south and parallel to Coral Way. Ground looked high at #5852 Coral Way and at the southern corners of Coral Way and SW 58th Avenue.

#52 Note that street in front of school is named Indian Mound Trail. I could not find any internet info on the nature of the "Indian Mound."

#53 Discrepancy in narrative. House at #1020 Valencia is southeast of Salvador Park.